Cougar MBA Alumni: Beyond Business As Usual

“It’s teaching me things about being a leader, connecting with different students, and connecting with different soldiers and encouraging them to go back to school. Education in general and the outreaching effects that go beyond academia—I think that’s probably the biggest benefit I’ve seen from getting my MBA.”

Taler Brazell
Online MBA, Class of 2021
Officer, United States Army
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“I’ve gotten a feel for people who’ve been in business all their lives, people who work in different industries, or other transitioning military members. Just exposure to other people, and knowing that if I wanted to reach out to people in the future through the Washington State network, I have that opportunity.”

Heather Bui
Online MBA, Class of 2020
Officer in Charge, Zumwalt Training Facility
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William Culey stands outside of the entrance to the Carson College of Business.

“At the end of the day, the program is truly about building your network and growing your community so you and your classmates can be successful in the industry. Your capstone class prepares you to integrate real-world concepts with your projects, something I am also able to bring into my current position.”

William Culey
Online MBA, Class of 2020
Systems Administrator, Washington State University
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Heather Bobzin poses outside with her dog.

“The time spent pursuing an MBA is well worth it. It’s important to further your education so you can work in whatever field you want, wherever you end up. The more education you have, the more qualified you’ll be for different roles. At a school like WSU, you’ll also have a lot of great resources—even while you’re overseas—to help you through the program.”

Heather Bobzin
Online MBA, Class of 2020
Digital Marketing Manager, Techtronic Industries
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“The military taught us to go out and utilize concepts, not just memorize things,” said Beasley. “And I think that’s the great thing about Washington State—it’s not about rote memorization. The educational experience is fully based on your ability to use the concepts you’re taught—to integrate and articulate those concepts in your business environment.”

Kevin Beasley
Online MBA, Class of 2020
International Buyer, Abilene Machine LLC
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“I took a strategy and leadership course and it changed my outlook on how I approached my work. It helped me apply principles to certain situations and become more effective in completing my work and working with others. And perhaps it will help others see me in a different light that can help me advance.”

Debbie Sands
Online MBA, Class of 2020
Information Governance Sr. Analyst
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“Prior to attending WSU, I thought I had a good grasp on working in the global environment. It was only afterward that I really developed a good sense of working in the global landscape. Topics such as operations, finance, and marketing all work differently on a global scale. … As a whole, the WSU MBA prepared me well for facing global challenges in the real world.”

David Estabrook
Online MBA, Class of 2016
Senior Director, Visa

“There is a sense of community. The group work as well as weekly live sessions with the professors help build that.”

Melody Krenelka
Online MBA, Class of 2015
Police Officer, Washington State

“The WSU online MBA program far exceeded my expectations. Not only was the classwork really relevant and applicable to what I was doing as a business professional, but the students were of a really high caliber. I was really excited to be around peers with so many different backgrounds and so much knowledge that they brought to the table.”

Kristin Minetti
Online MBA, Class of 2015
Instructor of Management and Marketing, California State University, Chico

“The networking aspect of the Online MBA program is amazing. Alumni do not hesitate to jump in and address student concerns or help them. You are definitely a Coug for life.”

Mike Gump
Online MBA, Class of 2014
Business Analyst, Avista Utilities
Intelligence Analyst, Washington Air National Guard
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“I used to create operational budgets all the time, but today I understand what needs to be done to make them complete. I also learned how to do a statistical analysis on patient wait times, operating room times, and even an analysis of performance evaluations. I now have tools and software that I understand.”

Jolanda Barnett
Online MBA, Class of 2012
Assistant Administrator, Cascade Valley Hospital and Clinics

“One thing I loved about the program is that someone was always in contact with me, from the beginning of the program to the end. To have that support from the school, as well as your professors and classmates, made it truly enjoyable and beneficial.”

Keon Garraway
Online MBA, Class of 2012
Financial Analyst, New York Housing Development Corporation

“The confidence, real-world business skills, and ideas I’ve gained in the MBA program will allow me to make an important difference in the lives of others.”

Carol Thompson
Online MBA, Class of 2014
Office Manager, Funding Smart Answers
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“I believe that getting an MBA from WSU was a decisive factor in getting my present job as materials R&D director at YTC America Inc., the North American corporate R&D center and wholly owned subsidiary of Yazaki Corporation, Japan.”

Stefan Maat
Online MBA, Class of 2015
Director of Materials R&D, YTCA
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“I have shared information I have learned about customer relationship management with my boss, and I am applying strategic-level thinking in how I’m viewing and reacting to corporate changes within my own company.”

Devon Schweizer
Online MBA, Class of 2014
Marketing Management Representative, Philips Healthcare