Meet your enrollment advisors and program advisors. Your support team is standing by to help you earn your Cougar online MBA, from beginning to end. Your enrollment advisor guides you through the application process to acceptance. Your program advisor supports you from acceptance to graduation.

Meet Your Enrollment Advisors

WSU enrollment advisors are here to answer all of your questions and provide dedicated service and support as you make your decision and apply for admission. If you’re already balancing personal and professional responsibilities, you can count on your advisor to help make the process of enrolling as simple and easy as possible.

Jason Techeira, Enrollment Advisor

“My favorite thing about being part of the Cougar family is seeing how devoted WSU is to the community. There’s an amazing commitment to research and to sharing the fruits of that research with the people.”

Samantha Barry, Enrollment Advisor

“I love being a part of the Cougar family because I get to work so closely with my students. I become their biggest supporter and cheerleader during the admissions process, almost like a family member. Every day, I am inspired by their passion and motivation. I also love connecting with students from a wide range of countries and backgrounds, which is such an enriching experience.”

Jason Rhoades, Enrollment Advisor

“As a proud representative of the WSU Carson College of Business, the best part of my job is the opportunity I am provided to help students change their lives. WSU students are driven and down to earth. I love it that I get to help them take the next step in their education with a program that’s flexible, accessible, and world renowned.”

Carlos Harper, Enrollment Advisor

“The thing I enjoy most about being a Cougar is the gratification I get when a student is finally accepted into our prestigious online MBA program. Obtaining an MBA is such a monumental step in the trajectory of their careers. It really warms my heart to play a part in their success.”

Meet Your Program Advisors

As programmatic experts, your program advisors are here to guide you through the academic process, from acceptance into the program to graduation. They are also great sources of information regarding curriculum and university resources.

Lori Schrafel, Program Advisor

“I love being a Coug because of how passionate our students are. Seeing their creativity shine through in their capstone projects gives me a great sense of pride. There’s an amazing school spirit and sense of loyalty among the Coug Nation. There’s also a clear commitment to — and appreciation for — diversity that is just awesome.”

Alex (A.J.) Ferretti, Program Advisor

“Cougs are a committed and tenacious group of students who take education seriously. I love meeting, serving, and working with these students every day and hearing their stories. It’s great to be a part of a network of students that stretches across the globe and, despite distance, remains an unbelievably supportive and high-achieving network of professionals.”

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