Online MBA – International Business Concentration

Get ready to take on the world.

Globalization is a powerful force in business. It’s caused the world’s economy to become increasingly connected and interdependent. It’s driven more and more companies to expand overseas. And it’s prompted demand for highly skilled managers with the skills to effectively navigate challenges and identify opportunities across countries, cultures, and time zones.

Which means now’s the time to cultivate a refined, global mindset. One in which you’re prepared to address the international angles of functional business practice. Earn your Online MBA in International Business from Washington State University, and hone your skills in international marketing, cross-cultural communications, international finance, and global workforce management. Because there’s a whole new world of opportunity waiting for you.

Why Choose an Online MBA with an International Business Concentration?

Lead business across borders and time zones.

You’re ready to become a leader in a global market. And you’re looking to develop the advanced skills needed to successfully navigate international economic and business climates. This is where adding a concentration in International Business to your MBA can give you a serious edge.

Choose WSU’s Online MBA in International Business, and you’ll take an immersive look at the international business landscape, as well as the principles governing the global marketplace. You’ll immerse yourself in all-things global business practice and learn how to manage people and processes effectively across borders. You’ll explore how to navigate diverse countries, cultures, and environments. And you’ll study tactics to conduct business across individual governments and amidst shifting cultural conditions. In doing so, you can develop the advanced expertise to thrive as an executive within today’s evolving global workforce.

Choose the International Business track, and you can graduate prepared to:

  • Apply a wide-range of knowledge in different functional disciplines of international business and global business strategy.
  • Assess risk and identify opportunities for organizations operating in a global arena.
  • Research and analyze international business issues.
  • Propose solutions to complex challenges in the international business environment.
  • Lead and manage international business operations.
  • Work in and contribute to a dynamic global economy as a leading executive.

Plus, WSU’s Online MBA in International Business concentration is also offered as a nine-credit graduate certificate. So you have multiple paths to pursue your goals.

What Careers Can You Pursue with an MBA in International Business?

Operate in organizations around the world.

A large number of today’s organizations conduct business internationally—and many more are considering it. Because growth across countries and cultures is often the key to survival. It’s the reason demand remains high for experienced professionals with an in-depth understanding of international trade, industrial development, cross-border investments, and global business operations.

With your MBA in International Business, you’re perfectly poised to pursue positions in a wide variety of settings—from public and private organizations to government agencies and non-profit groups. And the career paths are broad and exciting. You could qualify for leadership roles in global e-commerce, international marketing, global human resources, and international finance, just to name a few.

There’s no doubt: Developing an international perspective in business can give you a competitive edge in the modern workforce. And with an MBA in International Business from WSU, you’ll have the advanced credential to add value in any role you may pursue.

Discover The Top Jobs in International Business

Sales Director

Develop and implement global sales plans and oversee regional management to ensure they’re carried out effectively. Sales directors are responsible for the high-level coordination and measurement of sales initiatives.

Operations Director

Oversee personnel, policy, and day-to-day operations for international business initiatives. Operations directors manage all resources including staff and budget to maximize profit and achieve organizational success.

Management Analyst

Take stock of existing practices and procedures to drive efficiency and improve the bottom line. Management analysts, also known as management consultants, advise managers on how to boost profitability.

Learn more about all of the International Business careers and growth opportunities you could experience after earning an MBA from Washington State University.

What Does The Online MBA in International Business Curriculum Cover?

Immerse yourself in international strategy.

The courses of WSU’s Online MBA in International Business are built to match the current realities of today’s global economy. All so you can develop the competencies needed to successfully lead across borders, cultures, and economic markets.

As you move through the curriculum, you’ll explore the principles and practices of international business and dive deeper into topics such as cross-cultural management, corporate finance, international marketing, and research methods in international business. Read more about the concentration’s course offerings now.

IBUS 580 International Business Management
FIN 581 International Finance
IBUS 582 International Marketing Management
HBM 535 International Tourism Strategy and Planning