Take an immersive look at the international business landscape and the principles governing the global marketplace. International business coursework prepares you for the challenge of adjusting North American advertising strategies to fit foreign markets.Note: The international business concentration is also offered as a nine-credit graduate certificate. Dependent on course availability, you will be required to complete 3 of our "Featured Courses" below.

Featured Courses:

IBUS 580 – International Business Management

This course intends to give you the skills and knowledge to thrive in the rapidly changing international business environment. Using reading, research, active participation, and discussion, you will be exposed to the challenges and opportunities presented to you, the manager, by differences in the economic, cultural, and political realities in the business world today. We will take a practical approach emphasizing decision-making.

IBUS 582 – International Marketing Management

The course is designed to provide graduate students the knowledge and skills for identifying global opportunities and developing international marketing strategies in a fast-changing global business environment, and to develop analytical and decision-making, professional communication, and market research skills in the global marketing context.

IBUS 600 – Special Project/Independent Study

Study abroad; varies


This course provides an introduction to international financial management, built upon the domestic corporate finance covered in earlier prerequisite courses. The central theme is how to make corporate financing and investment decisions in an international environment. This course helps students understand additional risks and challenges of international financial management compared to domestic financial management. Students will learn the basic techniques of measuring and managing international financial risks and will be able to apply the techniques to corporate financing and investment decisions in an international environment. Quantitative techniques are heavily emphasized in this class.

3 Top International Business Jobs

Sales Director

Develop and implement global sales plans and oversee regional management to ensure they’re carried out effectively. Sales directors are responsible for the high-level coordination and measurement of sales initiatives.

Operations Director

Oversee personnel, policy, and day-to-day operations for international business initiatives. Operations directors manage all resources including staff and budget to maximize profit and achieve organizational success.

Management Analyst

Take stock of existing practices and procedures to drive efficiency and improve the bottom line. Management analysts, also known as management consultants, advise managers on how to boost profitability.

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