Online MBA – Finance Concentration

Make the future of finance your business.

Change is an ever-present constant in today’s business and financial climate. Evolving technologies, artificial intelligence, rising costs, and policy shifts continue to test finance departments in companies of every size. Organizations will always tackle tough questions: Should they buy or build? Borrow money or issue stock? What level of financial risk can they handle? They need bold answers from confident financial leaders. And now’s your chance to become one.

Gain the advanced expertise needed to lead the future of this dynamic industry. And develop the analytical and managerial skills to become the go-to executive for out-of-the box, strategic financial solutions. Earn your Online MBA in Finance from Washington State University.

Why Choose an Online MBA with a Finance Concentration?

Stand out in a global market.

The global economy is in a constant state of flux. Shocks and shifts in everything from digital technology to demographics to geopolitics continue to reshape entire industries and sectors. It’s an ever-evolving landscape that demands financial leaders have sharp instincts, a global mindset, and extensive practical knowledge. This is where adding a finance concentration to your MBA can give you a serious edge.

Choose WSU’s Online MBA in Finance, and you can hone your skills in financial analysis while exploring the complexities of domestic and global financial markets. You’ll study investments, interest rates, financial futures, and portfolio management in great depth and detail. You’ll learn to evaluate the economic factors that impact investment decisions and strategies for specific industries. You’ll cover how international assets and investments are managed, and you’ll analyze the impact of fluctuating exchange rates on global currencies.

Choose the Finance track, and you can graduate prepared to:

  • Understand financial practice and principles from an international perspective.
  • Apply advanced analytical and quantitative skills to evaluate international investments.
  • Guide investment strategy and oversee the financial health of domestic and global organizations.
  • Evaluate and mitigate risks, so you can make critical financial decisions and position companies for success.
  • Balance your technical expertise and leadership acumen, so you can effectively manage people and processes.
  • Adapt quickly to the fast-paced, shifting world of finance, so you can thrive in senior-level roles across a variety of settings.

Graduate Business Certificates

WSU’s Online MBA Finance concentration is also offered as a nine-credit graduate certificate that can be completed in as few as 3 courses.

By pursuing this option, you can: 

course iconReceive credits that can be applied toward your MBA

certificate iconEarn a standalone certificate

stackable iconPair the certificate with your MBA — and graduate with both

What Careers Can You Pursue with an MBA in Finance?

Add value to your next job title.

Finance is a critical function in an exciting industry. It’s also one that continues to add numerous jobs and actively seeks well-educated, highly skilled leaders. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects the employment of U.S. business and financial occupations to grow by 8 percent from 2020 to 2030. The outlook gets even better when you look at specific roles within the field itself. For example: Employment of financial managers is projected to grow 17 percent from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations. It’s also an MBA-preferred role that boasts an impressive median annual salary of $134,180, according to the BLS.

There’s no question: Career paths in the finance industry are broad, exciting, enduring—and lucrative. You can work for Fortune 500 companies, commercial banks, venture capital firms, stock brokerages, nonprofit groups, investment-fund management companies, and government agencies. You could also embrace your inner entrepreneur and work independently as an advisor. And with an MBA in Finance from WSU, you’ll have the advanced credential to add value in any role you may pursue.

Discover The Top Jobs in Finance

Chief Financial Officer

Dictate the direction of your organization by implementing operational guidelines and overarching policy. A CFO is also responsible for coordinating budgets and choosing departmental leaders to carry out his or her policies.

Finance Director

Manage financial operations among your organization’s employees and assist in recruiting. Finance directors are also responsible for building business relationships, as well as budgetary analysis and operational reporting.

Senior Financial Analyst

Analyze programs and synthesize industry information to inform successful investment plans. Senior financial analysts draw on extensive research and field expertise to guide major organizational decisions.

Learn more about all of the Finance careers and growth opportunities you could experience after earning an MBA in Finance from Washington State University.

What Does The Online MBA in Finance Curriculum Cover?

Study the complexities of global finance.

The in-depth courses of WSU’s Online MBA in Finance concentration aim to build your proficiency in the field’s technical aspects while preparing you to be an ethical and confident leader. As you move through the curriculum, you’ll investigate risk and diversification. You’ll study the impact of financial decision-making. And you’ll dive deeper into topics such as portfolio management, investor psychology, interest rate theory, and international financial management. All so you can develop the advanced skills and subject-matter expertise to thrive as a modern executive in the global finance industry. Read more about the course offerings now.

FIN 527 Investment Analysis
FIN 521 Interest Rates and Finance Markets
FIN 581 International Finance