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“I’ve had a great breadth and depth of management experiences over my 15+ year career. However, I’d always wanted to round out my skills and knowledge and really have a formal education behind the business skills I was gaining on the job. For me it was personal satisfaction—that gratification of growth—while also having the formal credentials behind that knowledge, not just the work experience.”
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Grace Rowan
Executive MBA Online, Class of 2019
Senior Manager, Retail Pharmacy Innovation & Engineering, CVS Health


“While in the Executive MBA program, I made eight trips to China for work. The program was designed so I could join classes live or listen to a recorded version. I was traveling a lot more than most students, but I wasn’t alone in having a schedule that prevented me from attending lectures on a set schedule.”
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Gary Poelma
Executive MBA Online, Class of 2019
Executive Director of Engineering, Cirrus Aircraft


“The entire Executive MBA program was able to provide me those skills to speak the language of business. The military has its own language, and there are a lot of parallels between the two. But the courses offered by Washington State University provided the Rosetta Stone, the Rolodex, of translation points. When I look at my resume of what it was to what it is today, it’s vastly different.”
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Shane Sullivan
Executive MBA Online, Class of 2020
General Manager, Aero-Flite


“WSU was forward thinking in its curriculum. Technology isn’t going anywhere, and WSU implemented it well into the course structure, which was important to me in choosing an online program. The group projects helped me build a high-quality network, and I’ve been able to immediately implement almost every course into my work. The Executive MBA even helped me land a promotion to director.”
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Bradley Hof
Executive MBA Online, Class of 2019
Director, Digital with Textron Specialized Vehicles


“I love the fact that I’m able to work in the team environment and collaborate on projects with different classmates. Even though you start with a cohort of individuals all at the same time, sometimes when you’re in a class, the people that are on your team may be few classes ahead. So, there’s a wealth of knowledge among them and I’ve been able to pick their brains and ask them about some upcoming assignments and projects.”
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Victoria Burke
Executive MBA Online, Class of 2018
Area Sales Director at Royal Canin, US, Inc. (a MARS subsidiary)


“I went into the program knowing I was lacking the skills to move my career forward. I had created a glass ceiling for myself but was only able to build to a certain level. I didn’t know quite why, but knew I was missing some pieces. I came out of the EMBA program with those pieces and feeling very well-prepared. After graduation, I felt like I didn’t have to wonder what I needed to do to get investors involved in the company, pitch on a national scale, or work with bankers on my forecasting models.”
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Justine Smith
Executive MBA Online, Class of 2016
Founder and CEO, Kids Go Co.


“The format of the WSU EMBA program helped me earn my degree while overseas. I was working in Qatar with an unpredictable schedule, intermittent Internet access, and a family to care for. My professors were very understanding about my schedule, time differences, and occasional technical challenges. It was very clear the online EMBA from WSU was the best choice for me.”

Penny Kiraly
Executive MBA Online, Class of 2016
Troop Medical Clinic, Qatar


“WSU has tailored its program for the working professional by allowing the coursework to be completed anywhere. The professors understand the challenges of balancing academic, personal, and business commitments. I found the faculty to be responsive and available.”
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Cary Slominski
Executive MBA Online, Class of 2015
Manager of Worldwide Training Delivery, John Deere


I am a strong believer in the MBA education as an opportunity to really let you launch pad into another industry. It worked for me, as a Marine transitioning to the private sector, and several of my close contacts. This Executive MBA program at WSU is a phenomenal opportunity for you to gain a much broader perspective of the business world and the instructors in this program really have a vested interest in your success.
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Brian Lewis
Executive MBA Online, Class of 2015
Global Operations Manager


“If a colleague of mine with a lot of commitments asked about an Executive MBA program, I would recommend the WSU EMBA almost exclusively. Actually, I have done this several times already, and my physician colleagues who enrolled have thanked me for the recommendation. The WSU EMBA program is well situated for professionals like myself, combining substantial flexibility and a comprehensive education with an efficient virtual classroom.”
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Joseph Jasser, MD
Executive MBA Online, Class of 2014
President and CEO,Dignity Health Medical Foundation


“I immediately took a promotion from my previous role as an operations manager to a general manager position with another company, and the capstone course further enabled me to start my own company. The Executive MBA program at WSU has challenged me to think bigger and look for ways where I can bring business units together.”

Jonathan L. Dade
Executive MBA Online, Class of 2014
Managing Director, RLB Echad LLC


“Some programs are cutthroat, where a focus on grades creates a ‘me vs. them’ mentality. The WSU EMBA program is about collaboration and teamwork. We felt that we succeeded when everyone benefited from the conversations and the classwork. It is a definite team approach, like we have at Nike.”
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Darrell Geymann
Executive MBA Online, Class of 2013
Planning and Operations Director, Nike


“WSU made it easier to balance my Air Force career and my studies. From the learning management system to the instructors’ availability, I really felt like the entire program was geared to support our success. I never had an instructor get back to me in more than 24 hours. In fact, one even called me about 15 minutes after I sent her an email.”
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David Cohen
Executive MBA Online, Class of 2013
Manager of Creative Costuming, The Walt Disney Company


“It doesn’t feel like everyone is at a distance. It feels very integrated, engaging, and responsive.”

Jeffrey Laub
Executive MBA Online, Class of 2014
Director of Global Manufacturing, Distribution, and Logistics, Physio-Control


“Most of the peer student group is composed of industry leaders with interesting and varied backgrounds, allowing for expanded networking opportunities.”

Hilla Sferuzza
Executive MBA Online, Class of 2013
Chief Accounting Officer, SVP, Corporate Controller, Meritage Homes Corp.


“The program enlisted far more interaction than I have ever felt in a learning situation. We built great camaraderie and really got to know our fellow students and teachers. It offers a feeling of support, allowing you to share and not be inhibited. It was a great learning and sharing environment.”

Dan Baldachin
Executive MBA Online, Class of 2013
Technology Manager, EY


“I really love the fact that the Executive MBA is so broad based that it ties all the various coursework together, but it also brings in different areas of focus with each new class so that you can put this whole puzzle together into a really well-rounded education.”

Mariann Ward
Executive MBA Online, Class of 2012
Manager, DD&C Strategic Business Development, Salt River Project