Four Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your MBA Internship

A MBA internship is a great opportunity to take one’s career to new heights. Apart from actively performing well, there are several creative ways students can get the most out of their time as a competitive intern. Below are four powerful ways MBA candidates can turn an internship into a rewarding experience.

Build Your Network

The course of a MBA internship is the perfect time to prioritize meeting new people. Unlike in conferences and expos, individuals are more open to conversations in an office setting. An employee-to-employee connection is also incredibly easy to nurture due to the shared bond and experiences. Because of this, you should take the time to strike up conversations with the people around you, including individuals around the building during lunch breaks.

Rebrand Yourself

For some, a new MBA degree also means a new professional image. This is very common for career paths that require MBA or higher credentials. An internship is a great time to test the waters in seeing what parts of yourself you’d like to rebrand. Because the level of responsibility of interns is not as heavy as a regular employee or senior staff, you have the space to think. This is especially true if you’re only using the internship program as a stepping-stone to complete a set of requirements, and not as a serious career opportunity.

Don’t Forget To Ask For Feedback

A vibrant MBA internship is an ideal setting where candidates can apply their newly honed skills. One of the best ways to know if you’re doing something right is by asking for feedback. Managers and mentors with years of experience are usually open to providing insights and guidance to interns through Q&A sessions, feedback reports and evaluations.

In most cases, you don’t want to just be doing something right; you want to be doing something extremely well to near perfection. Constructive feedback from other professionals can help you patch up any loopholes that you may not have addressed during MBA lectures and group activities. Taking the initiative to gather as much information as you can about your performance during an internship is the first step in making the transition from a MBA graduate to a highly credited professional.

Seek Out New Career Opportunities

Not all MBA graduates are business owners or have extensive work experience. Some candidates intend to use their MBA degree to supplement their efforts in moving up the ladder to better paying positions. Some companies that are concerned about the quality of their recruitment process first look at their interns and offer them jobs before opening up vacancies to the general public. If you’re interested in becoming part of the company you’re doing an internship for, it is best to let the recruiter know upfront and get to know the other employees in the company.

Candidates who are serious about their career should consider aligning their MBA internship with their professional goals. Creating opportunities for yourself at an internship level is the edge you need to stay fresh and competitive.