Graduate Certificates

MBA Concentrations and Certificates

WSU provides a student-first experience where you can get the most out of your education. If you have a bachelor’s degree in a field other than business, you can earn a Certificate in General Business Administration by completing at least five of the seven MBA foundation courses. Looking to specialize? Consider pursuing a nine-credit certificate in one of four areas of business.

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Study investment analysis, international finance, and interest rates and financial markets.

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Hospitality Business Management

Learn strategies for international tourism, hospitality operations analysis, and services management.

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International Business

Examine business management, finance, and marketing management at the global level.

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Explore courses in international marketing, promotional management, and new product marketing.

Customize your program to fit your goals.

Students who move forward with the MBA can either declare a concentration in one of the four areas above or pursue a general MBA. By simply completing the three electives that are already included in your concentration curriculum, you’ll graduate with a separate certificate that demonstrates your expertise to employers.

We’re committed to supporting your career goals long past graduation. You can return to WSU up to six years after earning your MBA to complete additional certificates if you’re looking to upskill or build on your credentials in the future.