Learn more about business operations within the hospitality industry. As a student within the hospitality business management concentration, you will have the opportunity to develop specialized business skills through coursework in service management, international tourism, and hospitality operations. Note: The hospitality business management concentration is also offered as a nine-credit graduate certificate.

Featured Courses:

HBM 581 – Services Management

Service businesses are an increasingly dominant force in world economics. Approximately 79% of our labor force, 76% of the GDP, 45% of the average American family’s budget, and 32% of all U.S. exports are accounted for by services. This course explores concepts, principles, and issues within the service management area. We will study service management from an integrated viewpoint with a focus on service quality and customer satisfaction. The material will integrate operations, marketing strategy, information technology, and organizational and human resources issues.

HBM 535 – International Tourism Strategy and Planning

This course concentrates on techniques and concepts of international tourism, destination management and marketing, and its role in developing customer- and service-oriented managerial approach in a tourism organization. This course is designed to provide you a working knowledge of international tourism, destination management and marketing process, and the interrelationships between destination marketing decisions, marketing research, buyer behavior, product strategy, channels of distribution, promotional activities, and pricing decisions.

HBM 582 – Hospitality Operations Analysis

Yield/revenue management and managerial accounting concepts within the hospitality industry.

Top 3 Hospitality Business Management Jobs

Hotel Manager

Coordinate activities and operations for a place of lodging. Hotel managers are responsible for staffing, maintenance, customer satisfaction, and profitability at hotels, motels, and similar establishments.

Restaurant Manager

Manage staff, décor, budget, and operations to ensure diners have a first-rate experience at your establishment. Restaurant managers are responsible for maintaining quality of food, service, and atmosphere.

Director of Food and Beverage

Manage purchasing, staffing, code compliance, and other operational aspects of running a restaurant, club, or related establishment. The director of food and beverage is tasked with maximizing profit without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

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