MBA Enrollment Details


To help you stay on track for your preferred start term, please refer to this academic calendar for each term’s course start date. Our application deadlines are rolling, so please speak with an enrollment advisor for more detail.

Fall 1 2020 Fall 2 2020 Fall 3 2020
Start Dates: August 24, 2020 October 5, 2020 November 9, 2020

Spring 1 2021

Spring 2 2021

Spring 3 2021
Start Dates: January 11, 2021 February 22, 2021 March 29, 2021

Summer 1 2021

Summer 2 2021

Summer 3 2021
Start Dates: May 10, 2021 June 14, 2021 July 19, 2021

Fall 1 2021

Fall 2 2021

Fall 3 2021
Start Dates: August 23, 2021 October 4, 2021 November 8, 2021


The Carson College of Business MBA at Washington State University prides itself on our land grant mission. We are keen to attend to our purpose to provide quality education to those willing and able to participate successfully in our programs. To that end, we evaluate the whole of a person’s experiences. No one thing defines an individual’s candidacy for this prestigious program. As such, we consider the following for which you can find more information below; a complete program application, a history of academic performance through transcripts, a complete resume or curriculum vitae, letters of recommendation and a statement of purpose. Exam scores are requested of all candidates but may be waived for those meeting specific criteria.


All persons wishing to be considered for our MBA must have completed and signed graduate application. Completion of the application will be facilitated by an enrollment advisor who will support you as you collect the various materials required for review.


Unofficial transcripts from each college or university attended are required prior to review. Applicants must have completed a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited four-year institution or have the international equivalent* at the time of applying. Alternately, you may communicate an expected conferral date that takes place prior to your desired MBA enrollment term. Official transcripts must be received during the first semester as a student at WSU. Typically, successful candidates have achieved a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale, however, the age of GPA and the level of degree and rigor will be considered in the evaluation. Candidates with professional degrees (i.e. MD, PharmD, DVM, and others) who may not have completed a bachelor’s degree are also encouraged to apply.


Please submit a comprehensive resume or curriculum vitae (maximum of 2 pages) so that we can best assess your ability to succeed in the program and ensure that program features will support your success.


Please submit one letter of recommendation from a person intimately familiar with your professional experiences, preferably an immediate supervisor. Be sure to select an individual capable of detailing why you will be successful in the MBA program.


In no more than 500 words, demonstrate how your professional and academic experiences have prepared you for success as an MBA student. Be sure to let us know why the Carson College of Business at Washington State University is right for you. What are your future goals and how can the Carson College MBA help you achieve those goals. In addition, if you are seeking a GMAT waiver, please include that request in your essay along with supporting information as to why a waiver should be considered.


The GMAT is required for admission, however, may be waived for individuals exceeding the minimum MBA admission requirements as detailed above and meets one of the below criteria.

  • Previously earned a graduate or professional degree with a 3.00 GPA or higher
  • Five-plus years of progressive work experience and a 3.00 GPA or higher
  • STEM degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics with a 3.00 GPA or higher (no work experience required)
  • Business degree from an AACSB-accredited institution with a 3.00 GPA or higher (no work experience required)
  • Ten-plus years progressive work experience and a 2.79 GPA or higher

If you would like to be considered for the GMAT/GRE waiver, please contact an enrollment advisor. The GMAT waiver request should be included in your statement of purpose.


To best ensure students will be successful in the program, it is important for students to possess core business competencies. If you earned your bachelor’s degree in business, or took equivalent courses with an average grade of B (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) with no more than two grades below a 3.0, you may satisfy that requirement. If not, we offer the foundation courses to cover these basics, which will be required. Please consult with your enrollment advisor to confirm. Should you need to take the prerequisite courses, these are also offered online.



Introduction to Financial and Managerial Accounting (Acctg 550) – 3 credits
Data Analysis for Managers (BA 500) – 2 credits
Foundations in Marketing (BA 501) – 2 credits
Foundations in Operations Management (BA 502) – 2 credits
Foundations of Business Law (BA 503) – 2 credits
Foundations in Finance (BA 504) – 2 credits
Managerial Economics (Econs 555) – 3 credits
Note: WSU may accept transfer credits from qualified institutions.


Please submit all of the materials as required in addition to the following:

  • Official copies of certificates and/or diplomas
    • School Code: 4705
    • Score: 580 (237c) (93 IBTS)


  • Pearson Test of English
    • Code: 8Z2-GT-38
    • Score: 62