The Inherent Value of an Executive MBA

You may already have an enviable career path and work in a field you love, but are you getting the most out of it for yourself and your company? Many ambitious executives who want to rise to the top find that enhancing their resumes with an executive MBA is key to achieving their goals. Learn five reasons why successful individuals from around the world are choosing an EMBA to gain access to a better career path and become a more valuable leader for their organizations.


A survey by the EMBA Council shows that people who graduate with EMBAs earn salaries 14 percent higher more once they complete the program, going from a salary and bonus package of $140,310 at the beginning of the program to $159,963 in combined earnings once they graduate. This makes the payback period—the actual time it takes to earn back the costs associated with completing the program—shorter than ever. For most, an EMBA is an excellent investment toward higher financial rewards.


EMBA students have the opportunity to learn and engage alongside other experienced, successful, and driven business professionals, with varied backgrounds in different industries. The program structure and coursework are designed for robust discussions around hot topics, and for real problems leaders face in the business world today. These peer-to-peer interactions help students gain fresh perspectives and forge high-caliber connections to tap into well after graduation.

Advanced Skills

While an EMBA program builds and advances important concrete business skills like accounting and marketing, it also allows candidates to develop, practice, and implement critical skills such as leadership, negotiation, and tactical team strategies, perhaps even more valuable to emerging executives. These skills are invaluable to people who want to start their own businesses or advance to more senior roles within an organization.


The EMBA is specifically designed for working professionals, especially online EMBA programs. These allow students to take classes without needing to commute to campus, giving them the flexibility to learn at the times and places most convenient for them—first thing in the morning, during a quick lunch break, or at home in the evening. Students take courses at a pace that works with their individual schedules and career goals.

Fresh Perspective

Another advantage of the executive MBA degree, especially from an employer’s perspective, is that degree candidates learn how other companies are incorporating new technologies, recruitment strategies, and business practices to compete. A prospective employer gains access to insight and expertise they might otherwise have hired an outside consultant to provide, a win for both employer and employee.

Through learning opportunities in other countries such as China, the EMBA program helps students develop a global view that can be particularly useful in distinguishing them as candidates uniquely positioned to contribute to the organization.

Receiving an Executive MBA can offer superb networking opportunities, freshen one’s perspective, increase lifetime earning potential, and encourage students to learn critical leadership skills necessary for today’s high performing executives.