Brewing Up Success with an MBA

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Ellen Tedford, a WSU Online MBA student, poses in a brewery where she works

Since starting the Washington State University Online MBA program, I have learned a great deal about business strategy, finance, and strategic planning. Working as a Sales Representative for Fremont Brewery during a pandemic has given me insight into how to best adapt to a highly competitive market. Getting creative with marketing strategies has definitely been a welcomed challenge. I believe the program has helped me transition to the new norms and connect with people in different departments at the brewery. With every class transition, I have sought out coworkers in the departments that could best relate to the material I was studying. Our Accounting Department helped me gain perspective on how to implement what I was learning in Econ, Accounting, and Foundations in Finance. Our Marketing Department has been extremely creative during these challenging times and has inspired me to think outside of the box to build brand awareness. Overall, the WSU Online MBA program has encouraged me to branch out and learn other aspects of day-to-day activities at the brewery. I am inspired to start a business of my own someday and believe the program has given me the tools to succeed in this endeavor. I plan to take what I’ve learned from this program and connections I’ve made from it to kickstart my next adventure and business in all things that I love, fermented!

By #CougaMBAssador Ellen Tedford