All About Hospitality Business Management

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The hospitality industry accounts for 9.5 percent of the world’s gross domestic product, and the sector is expected to grow by nearly four percent throughout 2015. The industry provides countless opportunities for business managers, but these professionals will face unique challenges not seen in other sectors. If you’re considering entering the world of hospitality business management, these are the things you need to know.

There Are Many Ways to Get to the Top

The hospitality industry is full of stories of people who worked their way up from bellhop to business manager. It’s true that a business degree specializing in tourism and hospitality isn’t essential for every role in hospitality business management, however, gaining one can help you advance. Your education can offer insight into the industry, hospitality concepts, and management principles that you can immediately apply in your chosen role.

There Are a Range of Hospitality Business Management Roles

Most people think of hospitality business managers as the people running hotels, but this is just one role available for these professionals. Business graduates interested in the hospitality sector might find entry-level roles working as casino managers, facilities managers, restaurant managers, or event planners. Later, they may find themselves running entire hotel chains. There is even room for entrepreneurship – launching tour companies, running bed and breakfasts, and more.

Hospitality Is All About People

Hospitality is one of the most people-focused industries on the planet. As a hospitality business manager, it’s ultimately your responsibility to ensure your customers feel welcome, relaxed, and happy. Customer service is the cornerstone of working in this industry. Some business and finance managers never deal with members of the public, but that’s not the case in the hospitality industry.

When problems arise, your team will look to you to smooth the situation over. That can be challenging at times, but it is also very rewarding when you turn a situation around and send your customers away with a smile on their faces. If you genuinely care about people and enjoy being around them, working as a hospitality business manager will play to your strengths.

Hospitality Business Managers Don’t Have Nine-to-Five Jobs

If you’re looking for a nine-to-five job with a regular routine, a role in the hospitality sector may not be for you. Hospitality professionals are at work when their clients are at play, so working in the evenings, on weekends, and on public holidays is common. Hospitality business managers need to have flexible schedules and be willing to work non-traditional hours.

If you’re a people person who thrives on providing exceptional customer service, and enjoys variety in your schedule, a career in the growing hospitality industry may be one to consider.