Is there a recipe for getting to the next level?

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You’re eager for a promotion, but you may wonder if you simply have to wait for your chance or if you can do something to help secure it. While no foolproof method exists for advancement, below are some methods you can use to get noticed and perhaps get to the next level of your career.

Know Your Company

Don’t get so focused on your daily duties that you don’t know what other campaigns or projects are taking place within your company. In other departments or offices, opportunities for advancement may exist.

Learn about new company projects through friendly conversations with your boss or supervisor, and talk about the business and its growth. Ask questions about upcoming developments and changes, and if you feel that you would be a good fit for a new job opening, ask how you can be considered.

Also, don’t skip opportunities to socialize with your coworkers. By joining them at the office party or after-work functions, you may get some insight into how you can gain a promotion. Be cautious, however, as gossip and rumors can sometimes lead you astray.

Don’t Assume a Promotion Is Automatic

You work hard, but hard work by itself doesn’t necessarily lead to a promotion. According to author and personal coach O’Brien Browne, employees “assume that their boss will recognize their commitment and dedication and justly reward them. But your career is far too important to leave in the hands of superiors who have dozens of other priorities on their to-do list.”

Show You’re Valuable in a Higher Position

Do you fulfill a role that no one else in your company can fill? If so, you could consider yourself indispensable to the company, which could justify you asking for a raise. However, if you are most valuable to your supervisor if you stay in your current position, you can undermine your chances of a promotion.

Try to train others for your duties by delegating any tasks you can. Be willing to train others, but be careful not to overstep the boundaries of your authority.

To show additional interest in moving up, you may want to advance your education. MBA degree programs can help you gain the leadership skills you need to be a positive influence at work.

Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Opportunities Elsewhere

Sometimes you have to move horizontally before you can move vertically. If you’ve asked about a promotion within your current company but you don’t sense any future possibilities for advancement, it may be time for you to seek another opportunity elsewhere.

Growing companies and startups may be looking to recruit executive talent, and you could fill a vital need for these businesses. Pay attention so you don’t miss out on these opportunities.

If your career feels stagnant, now may be the time to adjust how you pursue that promotion. By using some of the techniques above, you might be able to reach the next level in your professional career development.