Five Habits of Successful Business People

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It would be wonderful if the secrets to success in business could be codified and recorded in a handy manual that could be passed around to today’s MBA grads. No one would have to struggle to make their name and everyone would be armed with the knowledge required to ensure business success.

Success today means studying yesterday’s masters of business and learning the habits and skills that propelled their rise to the top of their professions. If you want to outpace your colleagues in the rise to corporate domination, below are five habits you should embrace on your path to success.

Wake With the Dawn

It’s tempting to stay up late catching up on TV shows and your favorite blogs, but if you go to sleep late, you’ll struggle to wake up early. Studies show that early risers enjoy a tremendous advantage over their sleepier peers. People who wake up early are more proactive, they are better planners, and they anticipate problems better than their late-sleeping counterparts. In addition, they have shorter commutes and enjoy a quiet hour or so to plan their day, making them more productive.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

You and many of your friends likely own a Dyson vacuum. Sir James Dyson extols the value of failure in the marketplace on the road to success. Failure spurs the creative process and leads to innovation in ways you could never imagine; failure is a stepping stone that leads you to take chances and try new things. Dyson failed over 5,000 times before he hit on the magic formula for his revolutionary vacuums. Today, Dyson is the leading vacuum cleaner brand and commands a huge market share.

Keep Your Promises

Successful business relationships are built on trust. If you make a promise to your employees, it’s essential to keep it. Don’t use false promises of bonuses or promotions to motivate the people you work with; only promise what you can deliver. This also applies to the promises you make to your clients and customers. It’s always better to under commit and overperform than vice versa.

Exercise and Stay Fit

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Too often, people associate exercise with physical benefits such as a toned body and better cardiovascular health. In reality, exercise is actually linked to mental health benefits as well, such as improved concentration and memory, faster learning, and prolonged mental stamina. Carve out time for exercise and fitness regimens so your mind is at its best for work.

Always Be Networking

According to experts, a healthy network of friends and business relationships is your most valuable career asset. Learn to identify valuable connections and nurture them. Reach beyond your circle of friends and colleagues to find individuals in other industries who can broaden your scope of knowledge and influence. Develop the habit of maintaining regular contact with members of your network. Most of all, always look for ways you can help others and bring value to your network.

While there’s no single secret to success in business, practicing these five effective habits gives you a solid foundation to accomplish your goals.

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