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You chose an MBA to make moves. To grow in your current role—or qualify for a completely new one. That’s because an advanced business degree is a solid credential for career advancement. It’s also a confidence builder. One that helps build your credibility, expand your professional network, and positions you for higher-level jobs and greater earning potential. Discover where an MBA from Washington State University can take you.

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As an MBA grad, you’ll have the essential business acumen and leadership skills to stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. You can work in nearly any industry: government, healthcare, finance, technology, or retail, just to name a few. You can thrive in a wide variety of positions within companies of all sizes—from start-ups and family-owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies. And you’re positioned to reach new levels of success, both in job title and compensation. Just keep in mind that salaries will vary based on a number of factors, such as education, certifications, professional background, and years of experience.

Finance Mba Careers

Finance MBA Careers

Today’s financial services organizations are operating in an ever-changing world—and they’re laser focused on finding the right talent to help guide them into the future. That’s where you come in. Careers in the industry often deliver attractive salaries, bonus structures, and the opportunity for advancement. Take a moment to explore some of the top jobs in the world of finance.

Additional examples of job titles for MBA grads with a finance concentration include:

  • Corporate Controllers
  • Treasurers and Finance Officers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Risk and Insurance Managers

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Marketing Mba Careers

Marketing MBA Careers

The world of marketing is fast-paced, dynamic, and ever evolving. Changing trends, advancements in technology and sophisticated promotional tactics ensure today’s businesses are always on the hunt for top talent. This is where earning your MBA in Marketing can give you a serious edge over the competition—and position you for high-paying, highly sought-after jobs. Discover a few of the career moves you can make as a marketer with an advanced degree.

Additional examples of job titles for MBA grads with a marketing concentration include:

  • Market Research Analyst
  • Campaign Manager
  • Creative Director
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Operations Director

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International Business Mba Careers

International Business MBA Careers

The modern economy is fast becoming more globalized. Business borders are blurring as companies cross oceans and cultures to chase new opportunities for growth. And these organizations need highly skilled, well-educated talent to remain competitive in such a dynamic climate. They need MBA grads with an in-depth understanding of international trade, industrial development, cross-border investments, and global business operations. Explore some of the career opportunities that await you with an MBA in international business.

Additional examples of job titles for MBA grads with a concentration in international business include:

  • Communications Officer
  • Global Business Administrator
  • International Business Analyst
  • Humanitarian Program Manager
  • International Sales Director

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Hospital Management Mba Careers

Hospitality Management MBA Careers

The hospitality industry is broad, far reaching, and fast growing—as are the opportunities for advancement within the field. And MBA-prepared professionals with a deep understanding of hospitality business management will have the best chance to secure the top-paying, highly competitive jobs, especially with upscale and leading brands. Discover a few of the leadership roles you could pursue after graduation.

Additional examples of job titles for MBA grads with a concentration in hospitality management include:

  • Special Event Manager
  • Catering Director
  • Guest Services Director
  • Director of Activities
  • Spa Manager
  • Director of Resort Facilities

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General Mba Careers

General MBA Careers

Earning your MBA is an important step in your career as a business leader. It’s a credential that reflects your ambition and ability. More than that, it’s often the preferred level of education for leading employers. Which means as an MBA grad, you can choose from a wide variety of roles—and find the one that fits your unique background, expertise, and interests. Here are a few more potential paths you could take.

Human Resource Manager | Salary Range*: $95,789 – $120,615 | Job Growth**: 9%

Public Relations Manager | Salary Range*: $99,343 – $130,265 | Job Growth: 13%

Fundraising Manager | Salary Range*: $83,364 – $117,295 | Job Growth: 13%

Investment Banker | Salary Range*: $71,389 – $88,636 | Job Growth: 4%

*Average 2021 annual salary data from
**Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (Job Outlook 2020-2030)

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