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Modern business is global in nature. That means today’s top-level leaders need more than an advanced education. They need a comprehensive and diverse mindset, and gaining this insight is what drove you to earn your Executive MBA. Having an international perspective across industries is exactly how you’ll qualify for advanced opportunities in organizations all over the world.

You’ve invested in your own professional growth. You’ve worked hard to get the credentials you need to stand out in an increasingly competitive job market. Now it’s time to make your move. Discover where an Executive MBA from Washington State University can take you.

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Your EMBA is a powerful stepping-stone. It’s a quality credential that equips you with the higher-level tactical expertise to lead with authority and challenge the status quo in a complex business climate. It positions you to expand your professional network, pursue high-level jobs, and elevate your earning potential. That means career progression is on the horizon and it’s time to reach new levels of success.


Top Executive MBA Careers


Here are a few more potential paths you could take as an EMBA grad:

Marketing Director | Salary Range*: $128,406 – $175,308 | Job Growth:** 10%

Finance Director | Salary Range*: $150,694 – $217,792 | Job Growth: 17%

Senior Management Consultant | Salary Range* $105,725 – $134,564 | Job Growth: 14%

Sales Director | Salary Range*: $154,862 – $201,302 | Job Growth: 7%

*Average 2021 annual salary data from Salary.com
**Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (Job Outlook 2020-2030)

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