Why Marketing Skills are Necessary, Now More Than Ever

An example of a marketing piece used for an upcoming event at a brewery

As I continue in the WSU Online MBA program, my marketing coursework has helped me prepare for the virtual world. As companies continue to utilize online channels to promote their products, I have found it necessary to be creative and strategize with this market. Working for a brewery has been a unique experience with the changes and shifts to virtual platforms. Over the last few months, we have been launching brands with more social media push than ever before. We have also been collaborating with companies that target bigger markets. We have gotten creative by hosting virtual tastings (instead of in person events) and paired with other local market brands to target multiple consumer markets. I’m currently working with our marketing manager to launch a new brand coinciding with a fundraiser for PAWS to gain more traction and make a bigger impact online.

Virtual marketing is evolving, becoming the most efficient resource for targeting your consumer. There are also virtual stores for beers and online deliveries that are ever evolving for the convenience of the customer. Some companies will market to these stores and run ads. There are delivery services such as Uber Eats, Drizzly, GoPuff that feature different breweries on the apps. The virtual world is growing for the alcohol industry and I’m excited that my courses are supplying me with the marketing skills I need to keep up with the changes.

By #CougaMBAssador Ellen Tedford