Online MBA Guide for Military-Affiliated and Veteran Students

Man in military uniform works on MBA coursework on a laptop out in the field

The Washington State Cougar Nation has been exceptionally supportive of my day-to-day military responsibilities while attending the Online MBA program. Over the course of 2 1/2 years in the program, I have spent days in austere environments training and conducting operations, professional development courses, operations management supervisor, and management of 18 team members, I was afforded the opportunity to pursue my civilian education with the support of Washington State University staff, faculty, and veteran representatives at WSU. At times, professors would extend due dates or time when I would have limited access to a network. If you are communicative with the staff and faculty, they make accommodations for each situation. It is essential for military members to have an understanding program that’s flexible to ensure service members can complete a degree identical to their peers in the corporate workforce.

As an infantryman (combat arms military occupation), it is often difficult to pursue further education demanding a certain amount of time to complete the program and assignments. During my university research, my focus was programs of interest, affordability, veteran support, overall school support, and time needed to dedicate while conducting my military requirements simultaneously. The WSU Online MBA program aligned with my interest in international business, financial affordability, easy access to veteran programs, and a university with well-established credentials while maintaining the highest of standards.

Washington State University’s dedication to veterans is displayed on military installations in brochures offering military discounts (TA, GI, $250 military discount) programs for current and transitioning veterans, networking opportunities with businesses who value the skills, leadership attributes, and the diverse experience of every veteran. As the veteran representative for WSU, Matt Beer is very knowledgeable of what military service members need to pursue education and career progression. Matt Beer has onboarded multiple new networking opportunities for military members to utilize in their quest for educational and professional growth. With the completion of my MBA in May 2021, I continue to connect with Matt and other faculty members, such as Meghan Steinbeiss, while I assist other military members and those interested in pursuing higher education.

My time at WSU was much more than just an education, it was an opportunity to connect with others in the private and corporate industries. I still connect with many of my classmates and team members in each course via LinkedIn and social media platforms, as well as visiting their states of residence. The online program allows for a more global network and friendships, both personal and professional, presenting opportunities to construct business networks.

Recently, I have assisted my spouse with her enrollment to the Online MBA program (July 2021) in Marketing and a military team member who wants to pursue ROTC while completing his bachelor’s degree in the fall of 2021. The entire staff at WSU continues to aid and provide mentorship to me as a military graduate alumnus. As the song says, “You will always find your way back home”, boas in its truest form even when you have graduated. Washington State University and the Online MBA faculty were some of the most professional leaders I’ve had the privilege to learn from outside of the military. During my training time, there were days I would conduct schoolwork in the field while sitting in the hot sun completing schoolwork assignments or taking team calls for projects. Never close a door to opportunity, open the door with a smile on your face and take advantage of the help and professional growth you’ll achieve by a simple turn of the knob.

By #CougaMBAssador Jeremy Dornbusch 

WSU Online MBA student Jeremy Dornbusch