Exploring Some of the Best Jobs for MBA Grads

Whether you’re considering pursuing an MBA through an online master’s degree program or already studying for your degree, you might wonder where your education can take you when you graduate. The Graduate Management Admission Council, administrator of the GMAT, reports that the current job market for MBA graduates is stronger than it has been since 2003. This is excellent news for students getting ready to pursue bigger and better careers and take the next step toward their futures.

Are you currently pursuing your MBA or interested in going back to school? Below, we’ve highlighted some of the specific fields of work to consider with an MBA, alongside several jobs in each sector to pay close attention to.

Tech Tops the List

Every year, research firm Universum distributes a list of the employers MBA candidates most want to work for. Google is one of the most talked-about companies. With major competition for top talent in tech, Google and other industry leaders, such as Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon, are angling to entice MBAs with progressive benefit packages and perks.

Jobs in Tech

Computer and information systems manager

Also known as an information technology manager, these professionals manage, plan, and coordinate all tech-related activities within a company. They use computer systems to provide solutions that will meet technological goals in an organization. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a computer and information systems manager makes a median salary of $151,150.

Software developer

As a software developer, you would be responsible for handling the creation of computer applications that control certain systems and networks within an organization. This will involve designing, testing, implementing, and maintaining software that caters to the wants and needs of the company. With this career, you can earn a median salary of $110,140, per the BLS.

Operations research analyst

Operations research analysts are technologically skilled at using mathematical and analytical strategies to identify and solve issues for a company. Collecting information via computer databases, customer feedback, and more, an individual in this role applies predictive modeling and statistical analysis techniques to find a solution ideal for the company’s unique issues. Operations research analysts make a median salary of $86,200 per year, according to the BLS.

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Management Consulting Can Increase Options

The appeal of a career in management consulting comes from freedom of choice. MBA graduates can specialize in and move between any number of industries, or they can start as generalists and explore their options. These firms are also popular launch pads for corporate executives and politicians. MBA grads often cite Bain and Company and Boston Consulting Group as desirable choices for management consulting.

Jobs in Business Management

Human resources manager

As a human resources manager, you would be responsible for managing administrative tasks within a company. From interviewing and recruiting new staff to collaborating with executive professionals within the organization, a human resources manager is equipped to oversee hiring and help employees meet company expectations. An individual pursuing this career can earn an annual salary of $121,220, according to the BLS.

Health services manager

Also referred to as a health care executive or health care administrator, a health services manager takes care of the planning and direction of medical services in a health care facility. This person must be equipped to abide by health care laws and regulations, and understand and utilize health information technology to provide optimal patient care. The BLS notes that someone serving in this position can expect a median salary of $104,280.

Business operations manager

Business operations managers are responsible for planning, coordinating, and overseeing the general operations of an organization, whether that’s the company in its entirety or specific departments. Forming policies, assisting in human resourcing efforts, and managing administrative staff are some of the general tasks of a business operations manager. Someone pursuing this career can expect to earn a median salary of $125,740, per the BLS.

Finance Renews Its MBA Appeal

The uncertainty of the economy over the past several years may have made finance an intimidating field to pursue. But industry stalwarts like PwC, Morgan Stanley, and EY are reclaiming spots on the list of top choices for MBAs. The massive scale and global reach of these companies give employees opportunities to move both vertically and laterally, or to transition to management positions in other areas.

Jobs in Finance

Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents

Following this career path, you would be responsible for bringing buyers and sellers together within a specific financial market. Selling securities, providing investment advice to companies, and conducting trades are a few of the tasks you would manage on a day-to-day basis. You can expect to make a median salary of $64,770.

Financial analyst

If you’re interested in a job related to investments, the role of a financial analyst may suit your needs. This type of professional is responsible for providing financial guidance to help a client make a profit over time. Individual recommendations are made regarding stocks, bonds, and other ways to invest money. Following this career path, you can potentially make $83,660 a year.

Chief financial officer

Top executives in finance, holding titles such as chief financial officer, are responsible for creating the strategies and policies that will ensure an organization is built to thrive and meet its bottom-line goals. Working directly with other executives who interact with the financial department, this individual is expected to oversee the financial and budgetary activities happening within the organization. Someone pursuing this career should expect a median salary of $107,680, as reported by the BLS.

Retail and Consumer Goods Tap Into Leisure Interests

This area allows MBA graduates to combine their business acumen with their passions, such as sports or food and drink. Athletics giant Nike is a popular choice for its partnerships with top teams and leagues, technological innovation, and commitment to diversity in sports. Starbucks is not only the world’s largest coffee retailer and global brand, but it’s also known for its constant drive to innovate, which appeals to ambitious entrepreneurial minds.

Jobs in Retail and Consumer Goods

Sales manager

Within the retail and consumer goods market, sales managers are necessary for representing the sales team of an organization. They handle goal setting, data analysis, and training team members to ensure a company’s salesforce meets exceptional customer service standards and sales objectives. On average, a sales manager in 2020 made $132,290, based on BLS data.

Public relations manager

Interested in helping a company or brand improve its image or identity? As a public relations manager, you’re in charge of the operations for enhancing a brand’s consumer-facing image. You will be responsible for monitoring advertisements, writing and providing press releases, reviewing staff behavior and activities, and overseeing all communications and contact with public entities. As a public relations manager, you may earn upward of $118,430 per year, according to the BLS.

Purchasing manager

A purchasing manager or buyer does exactly as the name suggests. These individuals are responsible for buying products and services for an organization to use or distribute on its own. This person will evaluate suppliers, negotiate prices and contracts, and also review the overall quality of the products and services being offered. If you’re interested in a career as a purchasing manager, you can make a median salary of $72,270, per the BLS.

Media Holds Desirable Diversity

No matter which list of top employers you look at, you’re likely to spot Disney. Multinational entertainment and media companies offer limitless opportunities for MBA grads. To investigate these opportunities, you can explore jobs in feature film, consumer products, news media, video games, theme parks, travel, television, mobile, and interactive businesses. The media industry combines exciting business propositions and brands consumers can connect with on an emotional level.

Jobs in Media

Digital media strategy manager

Someone working as an advertising, promotions, or marketing strategy manager in media may be expected to create promotional campaigns that will boost sales or raise awareness for a company. This person is also responsible for negotiating advertising contracts, providing marketing-related advice, and maintaining strong client relationships. On average, someone interested in pursuing a career in marketing management may expect an average salary of $141,490, the BLS reported.

Marketing research analyst

As a marketing research analyst, you would be responsible for studying market trends and conditions of a product or service. Marketing research analysts are equipped to help a company understand what consumers are looking for, and how that company can better shift its focus, product, or branding to reach its target market. In this role, you can make an average annual pay rate of $65,810 , per the BLS.

Brand manager

As a brand manager, you are responsible for handling all customer-facing operations to ensure that the company’s brand and image ensure a positive response from consumers. According to PayScale, the average base salary for a brand manager is $71,167.

Getting Your MBA at Washington State University

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