Why Health Care Professionals Are Getting Executive MBAs

Health care professionals might not want to have their education stop with medical-related degrees. According to Francine Russo of Kaiser Health News, many physicians believe that advanced business degrees, such as Executive MBAs, might help them offer better service to their patients. Russo reports that while some health care professionals pursue specific health-related MBAs, many want to learn about business without an industry specification.

Discover why professionals in the health care field might want to consider an Executive MBA degree if they want to expand their career options.

Take Control of Health Care Decisions

Medical professionals who pursue Executive MBA degrees don’t necessarily want to transition out of health care. Russo reports that many doctors, nurses, and other providers simply want to make critical decisions about facility policies and patient care. According to Russo, some doctors feel that administrators have taken over medical centers and similar facilities without asking health care providers for their opinions during the decision-making process.

Forbes contributor David Shaywitz uncovered similar sentiments while interviewing two physicians about their choice to attend business school. Dr. Bob Kocher, who helped develop President Barack Obama’s health care law, explains that he felt he could impact more patients’ lives at the administrative level than he could as a physician.

Further Innovation in Health Care

In addition to creating health care policies, medical professionals with Executive MBA degrees might also help inspire innovation in health care settings. In an interview with Side Effects Public Media, strategy and entrepreneurship expert Todd Saxton explains that health care professionals have an authoritative perspective on health care administration. According to Saxton, business training gives medical professionals the skills to address both therapeutic and administrative obstacles in health care facilities.

Saxton also theorizes that medical professionals make excellent students. He says that these professionals strive for academic excellence in business school and that their experience in the medical field gives them the motivation and experience necessary to achieve academic success.

Executive MBA Council Executive Director Michael Desiderio seems to agree. Speaking with Delece Smith-Barrow of U.S. News & World Report, Desiderio says, “Busy people tend to get things done.” Since an online Executive MBA program requires much dedication, it’s possible that accomplished medical professionals have the ideal skill set and determination to meet the rigorous academic demands.

Increase Income Potential

Armed with an Executive MBA degree, medical professionals can influence the industry through administration and policy, but they might also create more lucrative opportunities for themselves. Reporting for the American Osteopathic Association, Rose Raymond states that many physicians choose to attend business school because the advanced education can boost their salaries.

At least one of the physicians Raymond interviewed cited increased income as a major benefit of obtaining an MBA. Additionally, Raymond notes that some medical professionals decide to work outside of therapeutic settings. For example, health care professionals can transition into the health insurance industry or become consultants.

For some health care professionals, the operating room or examination table might not serve as the final career setting. It’s possible to expand one’s career potential by pursuing an online Executive MBA degree, especially for medical professionals who want to assume new roles in the industry.



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