Tips for Staying Sharp Outside the Classroom

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I love learning! Learner is one of my Top 5 Clifton Strengths and I try to learn something new every day. Dedicating time to learning helps me stay consistent with my study habits. I like to stay sharp in between semesters by keeping my mind activated. This could be learning a language, playing geography games, or studying for my Human Resources certification. It is also great that I have the support of my friends to help me with my learning goals. I want to share a little bit about these activities and why they’re great ways to spend your time off from school!

Learning a Language

Consistency is key to learning a language. Even when I’m busy with my studies, I dedicate 5 minutes per day to do a quick language-learning session. When I have more time, I study for up to one hour per day. My favorite way to learn is through apps, and I cycle through a few every couple of months. For my short 5-minute lessons, I use Drops ( When I have more time to dedicate, I use Babbel ( or Duolingo (  These apps allow me to review words I already know and learn new words and phrases at the same time.  I am currently learning French, and although I am far from mastering the language, I enjoy the challenge and know that it will be helpful as I pursue my current degree.

Playing Geography Games

Having knowledge of the countries around the world is very helpful in business. I like to play Geography board games, as well as geography apps on my phone. My current obsession is doing the daily Worldle (very similar to Wordle but with geography). I also like to play World Geography by Atom Games Entertainment on my phone. This app teaches me about statistics from other countries such as literacy rate, fertility rate, and GDP.  I also enjoy playing geography board games with my friends because it adds a social element, and we can get pretty competitive! It’s a great way to work on team building while learning.

Studying for Certifications

In addition to working on my MBA, I am also working towards an HR certification. I am currently studying for the Profesional in Human Resources (PHR) exam. I self-study for the test, and I believe doing this during my breaks helps me stay in a study mode mindset for when I return to classes.

I believe that keeping my mind engaged inside and outside of the virtual classroom makes me a better student and helps me as I complete my Online MBA journey with Washington State University.

By: #CougaMBAssador Carol Pérez