Five Tips for Achieving Your Personal Best

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Picture of Carol Perez, Student Ambassador, holding her small white and black dogThe new year is a great time to set goals but keeping up with those goals can be difficult. Here are my top 5 tips to achieve your personal best and keep up with your personal goals this year.

1. Outline manageable goals

While it is great to focus on the bigger picture, it is important to start with small steps towards that big goal. Often, I become excited with the idea of completing my big goal that I do not take enough time to break down and plan out attainable bite-size steps. Not only are the small steps easy to accomplish, but having small successes makes the celebration for the big goal even better.

2. Reward yourself

Rewards can be a nice pickup and acknowledgment of your progress. These rewards can be as simple as getting your favorite snack or taking a nap.

3. Create a routine

For me, achieving my personal best includes having a routine and building good habits.  To do this, I use a habit tracker and a Passion Planner agenda. This helps me note down my progress which makes it easy for me to reflect on how far I have come.

4. Find a support system

This can be a close friend or stranger who is working towards the same goal. Having a friend that can follow up with you to keep you accountable. If you don’t have a friend that can help follow up, then I suggest joining an online group where others are going through the same journey. It’s a great way to get support from others who have gone through the same or undergoing the same journey. It also helps to have someone who is also invested in your progress. My personal favorite way to connect with others to find a subreddit group on @Reddit.

5. Don’t multitask and remember to take breaks

I am guilty of this. Although it may feel that you are increasing your efficiency, I have found that by not fully concentrating on one task, I am not doing my personal best! Dedicating time to one thing, taking a break from it to do something else and switching gears is a better way to do more and better work without burning out. It’s important to take breaks but not to lose sight of the goal in mind.

Written By #CougaMBAssador Carol Pérez 

Photo of student Carol Pérez