The Importance of Giving Back

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Ellen Tedford, WSU Online MBA student, picks up take out with two coworkers at local Seattle restaurant

The beer community has been severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Small businesses that my fellow beer reps and I have been calling on for years are slowly disappearing. There is even a blog you can follow called “Vanishing Seattle” that talks about this and the struggles these businesses are facing. With over a thousand bars and restaurants having to permanently close in the Seattle area during this time, the best thing we as a community can do is support the small businesses that are still trying to make it.

At the brewery where I work, we launched the Recover Together program. My fellow co-workers and I went around and ordered take-out lunches for our staff and other essential workers from a plethora of local restaurants and bars. Fremont Brewery also donated a portion of the proceeds from the seasonal and core brands to support the Plate Fund, aimed at providing relief grants to industry workers throughout King County.

Ellen Tedford, WSU Online MBA student and coworker supporting local restaurants.

Are you inspired to give back in your community? The importance of giving back right now is imperative. There are multiple ways you can support small businesses and breweries right now:

  1. Support local restaurants, breweries, grocery stores
  2. Take your beer and food to go by ordering take-out!
  3. Industry workers have reduced hours and with half capacity seating meaning reduced tips, so don’t forget to tip your servers
  4. Buy Gift Cards to use at a later date. Think of it as a donation if you do not plan to use!
  5. Send a friendly message or just check in with one another! Promote a favorite business on social media

By #CougaMBAssador Ellen Tedford