Thanksgiving Gratitude

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Aaron R.W. Wheeler and his wife, Krystal, smile together

As 2021 draws near an end, a time of thanks is upon us once again. A year ago, I was deep into the final months of my WSU Executive MBA Online program. Long days of work, followed by evening classes, and online collaborations with my capstone team. It was one of the most rewarding and stressful times in my life. And all the while, my wife Krystal was right by my side. So, when I think about someone I want to give thanks to this year, it all goes to her.

Anyone who has done the MBA or EMBA program knows the drill. You are deep into a business case study, when a plate of food gets set next to your laptop. Or that kiss on the cheek when your partner is headed to bed, and they know you still have several hours of spreadsheet homework to do. That was Krystal. She sacrificed as much of her time as I did during my EMBA program. The two of us missing family events, or just a random date night because I had a due date approaching. I know it was difficult, but she never complained, because she knew how much this all meant to me. She still does, and nothing I could say could ever amount to the love and appreciation I feel towards her for it.

And now, our family is about to go from two to three, with the arrival of our first child in February. As our son grows inside her, I see my intelligent, creative wife becoming the family matriarch. My love for her grows even more, as she takes on yet another role with dignity and grace. Thank you for everything Beautiful, I can’t wait to meet our baby boy.

By #CougaMBAssador Aaron R. W. Wheeler

Aaron Wheeler headshot.