Surprise! Three Marketing Stunts that Paid Off

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In the world of business, you need more than a head for numbers to succeed. This is why MBA students should also have a lot of creativity. For example, consider the following unique marketing stunts that actually paid off for the companies listed below.

Mars Candy Co.

In 2005, when Mars Candy was looking to promote their new dark chocolate M&Ms, they decided to partner with Lucasfilm in a “Dare to go to the Dark Side” campaign. They dropped a real X-Wing Fighter in the middle of Times Square and invited original C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels to come back in costume. They also brought in a costumed Darth Vader, Storm Troopers, and the M&Ms dressed up as Star Wars characters. The stunt was such a hit that 25 national television segments covered it and it had 184 million media impressions.

Nationwide Insurance

While many people knew about the insurance side of Nationwide Insurance, the company was struggling to build awareness about their financial planning side. In 2007, they took over a building in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio to create a giant billboard advertisement. They had banners create the look of a spilled paint can that dripped down the side of the building and covered part of the parking lot below to promote their “Life Comes at You Fast” slogan. The eye-catching advertisement certainly had its desired effect, as profits for the company have increased to nearly $2 billion.

Maui Beverages

Maui Beverages knew that a lot of people didn’t know their brand, and in business, that’s certainly a problem. The PR department decided that the best way to get more recognition was to prove to people what a fun company Maui Beverages actually was. They changed their executive titles around so it was no longer Chief Executive Officer, but instead Chief Entertainment Officer. Plus, at the annual food and beverage conference for trade writers, they threw a huge bash with music, free sunglasses, and free samples.

The company started to get a lot of positive press and people loved the happy vibes. In return, their sales increased from $6 million in 2004 to nearly $10 million in 2005.

These crazy marketing stunts show that successful promotions are all about creativity. Whether you mix two iconic brands or throw a giant party, if you can get people talking about your brand for the right reasons, you can create a successful marketing campaign.