Six Tips for a Stellar Executive MBA Application

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If you’ve been thinking about earning your Executive MBA, now may be the time. Studies suggest that MBA graduates in the U.S. earn around $40,000 more annually than workers with just a bachelor’s degree. The first (and perhaps most important) step toward earning an EMBA is putting together a great application that will get you accepted. Read on to learn about how to assemble that stellar application.

Choose Your School

This is a vital first step. There are many prestigious institutions for earning your graduate degree out there, and each school to which you apply will have slightly different requirements. By choosing early on which school that you want to apply to, you’ll be able to tailor your application to be exactly what the school wants to see. Once you’ve chosen the school to which you want to apply, check out their website to see what resumes, GMAT scores, and references are required, and start assembling your packet.

Have a Friend Look at Your Materials

The best way to proofread a résumé or application is to have a second set of eyes look at it. Letting a friend or coworker look at your application not only allows for minor grammar and spelling mistakes to be corrected, but also allows more input for structure and format.

Study for the GMAT

The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is required for entrance to most business and management graduate programs. Having a great score on the GMAT will go a long way toward gaining admission to a MBA or Executive MBA (EMBA) program. Luckily, there are many resources that make it possible to study for and do well on the GMAT.

Make Sure to List All Your Strengths

The experience on your résumé doesn’t have to be all business. Make sure that you include any volunteer work that you do, or hobbies that are interesting. These can be seen as a sign of dedication and you can also use volunteer work to show that you stay busy and engaged if you have any gaps in employment.

Stay Informed

Stay informed about all aspects of your application. This could include any application fees required by the institution to which you are applying and due dates for application materials (including resumes and GMAT scores). Keep in mind that if you plan on seeking some sort of financial aid for your degree, it’s a good idea to start preparing your application between six months to a year in advance.

Don’t Forget Letters of Recommendation and Essays

Many institutions require more that just a résumé and GMAT scores. Keep in mind that you may have to collect multiple letters of recommendation and write an essay on why you’re pursuing a graduate degree. If this is the case, make sure that you request letters from people who can speak to your strengths and give them plenty of time to write the letters.

As you can see, applying to get an EMBA is certainly no walk in the park, but the benefits definitely make the work worthwhile. By following these tips, you’ll be on the way to graduate school in no time.