Pursuing an International Business Concentration

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Cathryn Curry Hasz, a WSU Online MBA student, shrugs at the camera

Choosing a major or concentration is an exciting challenge. It is a long-term decision that not only impacts you throughout the upcoming 23-month program but potentially your life-long career.

I will not admit the embarrassingly high number of times I changed my undergrad major. I will offer up that my indecisiveness was derived from an eagerness to learn as much as possible, which hopefully overshadows the more probable underlying commitment issues that were actually at play (…I definitely was a psychology major for a while.)  Overly optimistic, rose-colored glasses world-views aside, it is important to make a decision that helps you the most in the long run.

From Business majors to Computer Science majors for the late teenaged overzealous students who can’t figure out how to turn on a Mac (and I probably still can’t,) there are a wide range of options out there, the trick is finding something that will capture and retain your attention and enthusiasm.

After completing my BA in Project Management at the spry age of 102, (just kidding,) I took a few years off to focus on my career and climb the corporate ladder. During one assignment on the ladder’s many rungs, I found how much I enjoyed working with foreign national counterparts. This group had a history of interpersonal conflict and tension, which I didn’t experience, so I was curious what variables and skills enabled a person to efficiently interact and bond with people from other cultures or backgrounds, that other individuals may lack.

After a quick internet search, I found the International Business major, and that WSU had one of the top online programs in the country, so I could continue working and complete my degree at the same time.

The first elective course I took was International Marketing, which was a dual-purpose elective that could be applied to either major. I liked the marketing course so much that after speaking with my advisor, I decided that I wanted to add on two additional elective courses so I could have an MBA and marketing certificate in both International Business and Marketing, which will open more doors in my current workplace, or will allow for me to change occupations and try something new.

My suggestion is to take a look at your job or hobbies and determine what interests you the most. Select a topic that you will be willing to write extensive papers about, and maybe don’t select a future in Culinary Arts if you have trouble making Top Ramen (I still have the steam burns and apron around here somewhere).

By #CougaMBAssador Cathryn Curry Hasz