How MBAs and Startups Go Hand in Hand

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Not everyone has a mind for business, but you do. In fact, pursuing a MBA has been a long-held dream of yours and turning it into a reality is more than possible. But once you’re on the path to obtaining a MBA, what do you plan to do with it? A good place to start might just be with a start-up.

When you really think about it, it’s not hard to see how MBAs and start-ups go hand-in-hand. Ambition plus technical and business knowledge are the basic common ground, working together to form a solid foundation for a successful business.

The Process of Recovery

In the business world, numbers are the bottom line because digits tell the story that everyone wants to hear. In 2009, the number of dying start-ups looked quite dismal. During the recession, the amount of start-up businesses took a huge nosedive. Commercial ventures faltered and shuttered, sending would-be entrepreneurs and business administrators scrambling for the shelter of established companies while exhausting their savings. Then, things began to change.

The economy began to recover. Federal initiatives to encourage new businesses were hatched, and start-ups sprang back to life. Start-up owners with a promising product and a target audience went searching for the essential component that was missing to pull it all together—someone that knew how to make business work.

Cream of the Crop

Building a successful start-up is a multi-tiered process, involving many steps and strategies. Somewhere along the line, the need to recruit legitimate talent that helps propel and structure the business presents itself. That’s where someone with a MBA comes into the picture.

An individual that earns a MBA has worked diligently on polishing their business knowledge and skills. Start-ups are on to that fact. Multiple research studies have proven start-ups that bring premium professionals onboard stand to fare better commercially. A master’s in business administration tells the corporate world that you know what to do to make a business work. It tells the corporate world that it not only wants you, it needs you, too.

Experience is Priceless

There’s no rule against using a MBA to create your own start-up, by the way. Somewhere, within every MBA holder, the spark of entrepreneurship is waiting for ignition. A growing number of people with a MBA are cutting out the middle man, setting up commercial shop and launching their own start-ups.

It’s the perfect recipe: ultimate knowledge of how a business should run paired with a product and seamless business plan. It makes sense to take that hard-earned degree and funnel it into a start-up. Even if you start with another company, you can always use the experience you gain toward your own future business.

So, if your MBA aspirations have been stewing on the back burner, it’s time to put your plan into action. Using what you know about how MBAs and startups go hand in hand, enroll in an online degree program and get started today.