How Learning on the Road Led Me Back to School

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Carol Pérez, WSU Online MBA student, smiles while traveling

Two of my goals in life are to be well-educated and well-traveled. I keep these goals in mind with everything that I do. That is why I chose to pause my studies after completing my undergraduate degree in 2013. I wanted to dedicate my time to experiences that would allow for self-development and I did not think that jumping straight into a full-time job would allow for that. While I did want to further my education, I have so many interests that I didn’t know what to go to school for!

Instead, I decided to focus on my interests outside of a classroom setting. Between 2014-2019 I did just that. I wanted to learn more about farming, so I volunteered to work on farms. I wanted to visit UNESCO World Heritage sites, so I went on to visit a total of 38 of them. During this time, I pushed myself to step outside of my comfort zone by traveling alone both abroad and throughout the United States. Through my experiences I challenged myself in ways that allowed me to grow on a personal level. Most importantly, I met incredible folks, many who I am still in contact with today!

Carol Pérez, WSU online MBA student, working in garden

On a professional level, taking a break from school allowed me to work temporary and seasonal jobs. I was able to get a glimpse of how different companies operated while taking notes of what I liked and did not like in a work environment.

When the pandemic hit last year, I decided that it was time to refocus on school. Despite not having taken any business classes before, I felt that a Master of Business Administration was the best choice for me. After some research I found that the WSU Online MBA Program was perfect for my lifestyle. It allows me to combine all that I learned throughout my various temporary jobs and apply it to my current position as an Assistant HR Manager for a company specializing in seasonal employment. The flexibility of the program allows me to take classes anywhere without having to sit in a classroom. This will be ideal for me once I feel safe enough to travel again. What I like the most about the program is the different topics I am learning about. They all tie into the several interests that I have! It allows me to explore the world of business without getting bored.

For me, taking a break from school to check things off my bucket list was the best choice. The Online MBA program allows me to continue to pursue education and travel.

By #CougaMBAssador Carol Pérez

Photo of student Carol Pérez