Google, Goldman, and the Top Companies that Want MBA Grads

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Eager undergraduates are currently flooding the market. As college admissions departments have strengthened their requirements, the quality level of job applicants has increased, and it is hard to get noticed as a recent college grad, especially if you are interested in working at a top company.

One way to differentiate yourself from the applicant pool is to seek an MBA. Well-known companies recruit the best MBA candidates, sometimes before they’ve even graduated. If your goal is to work for a Fortune 500 company, an MBA will help get you noticed and provide the practical knowledge you’ll need for advancement, especially if you’re eyeing the c-suite (eventually, at least).

Accredited MBA programs do more than impart knowledge. They open doors to opportunities through networking with some of the brightest minds in business. An MBA degree signifies your commitment to professional development. It also indicates you have complex problem-solving abilities and can handle the stress and competition involved in achieving an advanced degree. The following employers recruit actively and are among the top employers of MBAs:

Goldman Sachs Group

This financial powerhouse is known for being a career maker, and it’s one of the top employers of MBAs year after year. MBA grads experience rich opportunities early on. Goldman’s head of campus recruiting, Sandra Hurse, says MBA degree programs serve as, “a pipeline of talent that we would tap for future leadership of the firm.”


With the lavish technology company’s perks, who doesn’t want to work for Google? Because of its reputation and success, Google looks for the best in problem-solving and critical thinking. Their business is changing all the time, so creativity is key here. If you’re interested in working for Google, the company’s MBA internship program is a good start. If you make the preliminary interviews, you can expect your next step to be a Google hangout. The company has approximately 100 MBA interns working for it currently.


This technology behemoth offers incredible employee perks and has reached cult status as one of the “coolest” employers out there. Apple’s MBA program is looking for people to work on strategic business initiatives throughout the company, including areas of design, finance, and merchandising. The company also looks to hire people who are passionate about its products, so if you want to translate your MBA into meaningful work at Apple, you’ll need to leave your PC behind.

Amazon, like most tech companies, prides itself on being nimble. It’s an industry leader, changing the face of publishing and offering fulfillment on an almost daily basis. They are looking for forward-thinkers and complex problem solvers to lead and explore new avenues of opportunity.

Amazon is aggressively seeking new talent. Last year, the company hired more MBAs from top schools than the big banks like Goldman and J.P. Morgan. It now has more than 170 MBA interns working among its ranks.

If working for a global leader is your career goal, achieving an MBA is a good way to get a top company to notice you. MBA internship programs are common place in these companies but competition is fierce, so dedication to your academic pursuits is essential.

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