Going Global With #CougaMBAssador Shane

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Shane Sullivan, WSU online EMBA student, smiles in Canada

At the time, when I took the International Business course as part of Washington State University’s Executive MBA program, I had no idea how immediately beneficial and relevant the course would soon become. A year later, I now find myself an Expat American Business Executive, starting a new position in an International Canadian Company located in British Columbia, Canada. Despite being told my American accent is quite folksy, it has been an excellent opportunity to learn about the loonie, toonie, toques, and how to properly use the phrase “Eh?” One way or another, I will properly educate my colleagues on the proper usage of “Y’all” versus “All Y’all.”

All that aside, not only has WSU’s EMBA program helped my military transition; it has also assisted my international transition. This program provided me with several critical skills necessary to take the international plunge and go global. These skills have become increasingly more important now that organizations are more global than ever. These are a few of the key skills WSU’s EMBA International Business course has provided me:

  • Understand the bigger world picture – Gaining a perspective on how America and American Business can succeed on the global stage
  • Multi-Culturalism – Learning different management styles and business practices that can best fit different cultures found abroad
  • Curiosity and Inclusion – Willingness to be open and learn something new helps leaders develop the capacity for discovering new concepts and ideas.

Together, these skills help further the understanding that through diversity of thought, organizations can reach better solutions and outcomes.

Whether, you are considering pursing an Executive MBA to go global or not, the skills you learn through the program will undoubtably benefit your career regardless of your goals. You never know where you may end up a year from now.

By #CougaMBAssador Shane Sullivan