Five Most Important Qualities for an Executive MBA Candidate

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What does it take to complete an EMBA program? Due to the demanding and complex nature of business courses, hard work alone may not be enough. Below are five qualities that every EMBA candidate should have in order excel in the program.

1. Focus

Most EMBA candidates are juggling a demanding career and a family life apart from their nightly or weekend classes. Because of this, focus is crucial in completing the entire program. Individuals are expected to maintain a clear and open mind throughout the course.

Additionally, candidates who are able to focus well can excel in rigorous parts of the program including exams. Such portions are often the most dreaded by EMBA candidates who are not used to preparing and taking tests after years of working in their relevant field.

2. Professionalism

Most people who choose an EMBA program have extensive experience in their industry. Some hold managerial positions and will take on new roles and higher positions after the course. An EMBA candidate who displays professionalism during class shows that he or she is serious about the program. Furthermore, an EMBA candidate is a representative of his or her company. Businesses that send their top employee to complete his or her EMBA expect the individual to stay composed and professional.

3. Collaboration

EMBA curricula include lectures, assignments, and team-related projects. Some exercises require sharing insights within a group. For many successful candidates, this may come naturally. On the other hand, individuals who are used to giving orders, may find it difficult to transition from being a leader to a team player. As a result, the ability to collaborate is essential when going through an EMBA program.

4. Adaptability

Individuals who are participating in a competitive EMBA program are required to troubleshoot several business-related scenarios. Unlike MBA courses where candidates focus on general aspects of business, EMBA courses tackle strategic aspects. Individuals need to put themselves in key roles around a business, from marketing to human resources. Hence, adaptability is essential in honing a “big picture” way of thinking, which is what EMBA is all about.

5. Cross-Cultural Sensitivity

EMBA candidates who are aware of the cultural boundaries of their peers can easily build connections and trust. It is likely that a class of EMBA candidates is composed of men and women who come from different backgrounds and ethnic groups. Working with and around cultural practices during collaborative exercises can help in establishing long-lasting contacts and relationships.

A successful EMBA candidate must have a set of well-rounded qualities that promote best practices in business. Throughout the course of an EMBA program, individuals can expect to hone such characteristics and apply them in their respective industries after completing the degree.

Which EMBA qualities do you innately possess? Having these strengths naturally gives you an advantage. Gain the other qualities through intentional training, and you’ll be sure to succeed.

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