Five Jobs that Pay More than You Might Expect

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Finding a good job is something everyone works toward. An education can be an important first step to finding a job that will support you, whether it’s through a MBA program or technical training. However, finding a well-paying job might come from a place you least expect it to.

Funeral Director

As a funeral director, it’s safe to say that every workday will be met with unique events. They say that careers in the medical and education fields are ones that can always be counted on, but there will always be a strong need for talented, professional funeral directors. This job requires a degree in Mortuary Science, the higher the better, and a license. The top 10 percent have a salary of $98,000 or more.

Technical Writer

These days, writers are on the rise. Technical writing is one of the most important forms of communication, as the writer breaks down complex topics in a way that readers of all levels can understand. Many of these positions ask for previous experience writing and expertise in a specific technical subject, so the higher your qualifications in a given subject, the better chance you have to be considered an expert. The median salary for this position is about $65,500.


Who says that there are no well-paying jobs in the education field? While the salaries of some of our educators are less than desirable, the headmasters and principals often earn the income they deserve. The average salary of an elementary school principal is $79,310. This could have something to do with the fact that a higher degree such as a MBA is almost a necessity and there are several other qualifications needed. Most principals will also have to be able to substitute as teachers if necessary.

Restaurant Manager

The recession hit the food service industry pretty hard, but restaurant managers earn much more than one might think. The average manager can earn about $84,000. Being that it’s an industry that doesn’t stop, it’s common for the managers to be up early as the first to get to work and leave late as the last person to leave. There is plenty of paperwork, customer service, staff interaction, and food quality inspection to be had.


Because they’re often seen behind a counter at your favorite grocery store, it’s easy to forget that these are trained medical professionals, many of which have a high degree such as a MBA. The average pharmacist is earning between $92,000 to $121,000 a year, or about $50/hour. This is a good thing because pharmacists are trusted to fill prescriptions, and one wrong move could seriously injure or even end the life of a customer. While these are the average salaries for these positions, it’s possible to make even more depending on the area. It may seem that the high wages all belong to the doctors and lawyers of the world, but these career paths prove you can earn a higher wage in unexpected places. With these and most industries, continuing your education will help you earn even more.