Five Best Industries for Entrepreneurship

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Whether making a career move or just graduating from business school, aspiring entrepreneurs want to go into industries with lots of opportunities for innovation and growth. These five areas are some of the top spots to look for new business ideas because they have a range of options and applications. If you are starting a new business or are trying to find a strong, innovative company, look into one of these areas.

Translation Services

Global connectivity is on the rise, and as more businesses are expanding into global markets, the demand for accurate translation has increased dramatically. From ads, apps, and instructions, businesses now not only need one or two translations for their products, but many. The translation industry has a lot of room for growth, since automated translators are only good for accurately translating a simple sentence or two.

Environmentally Conscious Building

Whether you’re working in architecture, contracting, or real estate, the current demand in construction is bright green. As the negative effects of depleting resources and increased pollution become apparent, green building is more in demand than ever. Sustainability and energy efficiency are where to invest effort, and these are still developing fields with lots of options.

App Development

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It seems like every business out there has an app, and many businesses hire outside help to create, develop, and manage these apps. Those who have been to business school may have a leg up in combining great technology with a good business sense. Whether you want to provide affordable app development to small businesses or want to work with larger companies to improve the complex technicalities of what customers need out of apps, for the tech-savvy, app development is booming.

Mobile Healthcare

The healthcare industry is changing rapidly with the advent of apps, new data storage, and new patient data collection. Now more than ever before, patients can collect their own health data via apps and share it with doctors. Some doctors even give video consultations. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations are the biggest concern with mobile health, so finding new ways to comply with HIPAA while innovating this new trend in healthcare is key.

Digital Forensics

While the government needs digital forensics to investigate tech crimes, private companies also need digital forensics. Whether it’s to protect information from hackers, track down stolen information and get it back, protect networks, or root out cybercrime, the market for digital forensics is growing. Information is more public and more vulnerable than ever, and companies need new ways to protect customer data. This field will always be evolving as hackers come up with new bugs, so stay on top of innovation to do well.

Look at technology trends and the global market’s demands to find the best industries for entrepreneurship. The aforementioned growing industries offer a lot of room for innovation as well as improvement, and are new branches of existing fields that need entrepreneurial minds to lead the way.

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