Cougs Celebrate: A Look Back at Graduation

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WSU Online MBA student celebrating graduation by tossing cap

Graduation… it is an accomplishment that you’ve earned through long hours, sleepless nights, team projects, and missed events. Take the time to give appreciation and thanks to all those who supported you, your family who made sure you were not bothered on team calls, your friends who understood weekends were busy with assignment submissions, and managers who may have lightened the load to ensure success in your pursuit of personal and professional growth.

You’re now a part of a vast community of former Cougs who will be there to support you, mentor you, and provide guidance on how to utilize your new knowledge. Washington State University staff, alumni, and professors are now part of your family, with new lifelong friends acquired during your studies, professional networks during your capstone, and those in passing wearing WSU apparel giving a good ‘ol “GO COUGS” as you pass by.

My MBA has elevated my career, advancing me above my peers regarding professional and civilian education as a military member. If you are aspiring to earn your MBA and join a long lineage of Cougs, don’t hesitate. It will benefit you and you’ll enjoy building new relationships while growing your professional network. The completion of my MBA and soon-to-be your next graduation was/is an achievement that is like no other. The programs can be challenging at times, but stay focused, plan ahead, and seek help from the support systems available.

For those aspiring or those starting a new program, good luck! It goes by faster than you think. Soak up all the information from your classmates and professors.

Those who are graduating this December, enjoy your accomplishment, take a break, go on vacation, then come back and mentor others who aspire to complete their MBA or higher education. We grow stronger together! GO COUGS!!

By #CougaMBAssador Jeremy Dornbusch 

WSU Online MBA student Jeremy Dornbusch