#CougaMBAssador Alexis’ Favorite Course

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WSU MBA student, Alexis Mohr, smiling

You’d assume the MBA class that stands out for me, a marketer, is Marketing Strategy, or at least a marketing-related subject. But no, while I hate to disappoint you, it’s actually Managerial Leadership and Productivity. This class is everything you’ve been avoiding in your professional life; feelings, deep and concise communication, and patience (with yourself and others).

In this class, you learn how to become the manager you always wanted to report to, how to enable your team and teammates, and how to give yourself a break for being so Type A. Did you know WSU MBA students are almost twice as likely to be highly Type A as the rest of the world’s population? It’s not a bad thing, we like to do things the best way possible or better than it’s been done before.

You, and my fellow MBA classmates, should explore this topic if you’re looking to be more than just a boss, but a good leader as well. The facets covered in this course will teach you about your team’s strengths and how to empower them to do their best work. And it will help you clarify and overcome your own weaknesses. This class explains how to hire based on more than just a resume, but on someone’s potential.

My team may not know this, but I’ve already used some of these new skills with them to help us succeed during this difficult time when collaboration is hard while working remotely. It’s been nice to use another set of tools in my management style and I’m sure my team has enjoyed a very calm voice and patient ear while the rest of the world around us is anything but.

By #CougaMBAssador Alexis Mohr