5 Indicators That You’re Ready for a MBA

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Deciding to go back to school is not an easy decision—especially if you’re already juggling work, family, and time for yourself. Still, sometimes there are signs to let you know the time is right to pursue an advanced degree. If you’re in business, a MBA is extremely useful to jumpstart your career. Here are five indicators that you’re ready for a MBA.

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You Want to Keep Your Job

Companies are constantly evolving. Make yourself indispensable to your employer by learning new skills. If you can tell that your company’s new hires seem to favor workers with advanced degrees, now is the time to get yours. What you learn through your program will make you a more valuable, knowledgeable employee—and give you an edge to stay ahead.

You Want to Get a New Job

Businesses want to hire applicants with MBAs. Companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon all have large numbers of employees who have earned MBAs. If you want to get into a new industry or company, getting a MBA can expand your options.

You Want to Make More Money

The numbers are clear: people with MBAs make more money. As an example, one study shows that if you make $50,000 a year before graduation, you may see a salary of $75,000 a year after you get your MBA, plus bonuses. That’s an increase of 50 percent. The study also states that five years after you get your MBA, you may see as much as an increase of 80 percent over pre-MBA pay.

You Want to Make Good Use of Your Extra Time

Some people have always wanted to get an MBA but just didn’t have the time for it. Well, if your oldest is off to college or your youngest is finally in school, you may have more time to attend class and study. Maybe you can shift hours at work or your spouse can shift his or her schedule for you so you can attend to your schoolwork. Look for any change in your schedule that will allow room for a rigorous program.

You Want to Network with Powerful People

People who are going back to school to get their MBAs have a plan, just like you. They want to move up in their job, start a business, or just offer more at their company. Whatever the reason, being in class with these kinds of people will build the framework for a great professional network. Working with them on a team, with the same goal of MBA completion, will create a bond that you may rely on for years to come.

Once you have decided to commit the time and effort to getting your MBA, the benefits and sense of accomplishment will make it all worthwhile.