WSU Online MBA 2023 Book Recommendation List


CHIP HUNTER, Carson College of Business Dean

Book Title: Trust

Author: Hernan Diaz

Subject: Fiction

Reason for recommending: This is a novel about a Wall Street tycoon in the 1930s. It unfolds in a surprising way. It’ll get you to think about money, what’s real and what’s not real, and who gets to tell the story.


Book Title: The Candy House

Author: Jennifer Egan

Subject: Fiction

Reason for recommending: This is sort of a novel, told through a lot of connected stories. Like Trust, it’s also about what’s real and what’s not real, and who gets to tell the story. Unlike Trust, it’s set in the near future, not the past, and it’ll also make you think!



CHERYL OLIVER, Associate Dean Professional Programs

Book Title: The Prepared Leader: Emerge from Any Crisis More Resilient Than Before

Author: Erika H. James and Lynn Perry Wooten

Subject: Leadership

Reason for recommending: In few words and with poignant clarity, James and Wooten describe the phases of crisis management, the skills, tools, team characteristics and behaviors essential for navigating those phases. Utilizing the events of 2019-2020, they lay foundation for creating your own leadership strategy for managing the next crisis-and there will be a next event for which leaders must prepare to keep ourselves, teams and organizations whole.






Book Title: Atomic HabitsAuthor: James ClearSubject: Reason for recommending: A great book on how to make small changes in our lives that have large impacts! “Atomic Habits offers a proven framework for getting 1% better every day…strategies that teach you exactly how to master the tiny behaviors that lead to remarkable results!”



Book Title: Adrift: America in 100 Charts

Author: Scott Galloway

Subject: Contemporary History

Reason for Recommending: A terrific read by bestselling author and NYU business school professor Scott Galloway examining the future of America as a nation.




EVAN BARTON, Admissions Manager

Book Title: Deep WorkAuthor: Cal NewportSubject: Personal Growth and ProductivityReason for recommending: Newport’s work personally helped me become a more productive employee. Sometimes it is easy to get caught in the cycle of watching your inbox and waiting to respond to emails as they come in and I appreciate Newport’s insights on taking time to disconnect and focus on deep and rewarding projects


MATT BEER, Military and Veteran Affairs Manager

Book Title: Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex WorldAuthor: Stanley McChrystalSubject: Leadership and ManagementReason for Recommending: This book explains why, in a fast paced, increasingly complex world, modern organizations and leaders will need to rely on values, intent and adaptable networks to accomplish their missions.


HOLLY CONNLEY, MBA Veterans Career Consultant

Book Title: Taking the Work Out of Networking: An Introverts Guide to Making Connections That CountAuthor: Karen WikreSubject: Professional DevelopmentReason for Recommending: Not all of us are born with the gift of gab, but there is still a role for the quiet observers as active participants in today’s social media arena. This book provides tangible and actionable tips for initiating and cultivating authentic relationships both in-person and virtually.


MEGHAN STEINBEISS, Senior Student Support Advisor

Book Title (1): In Stitches

Book Title (2): Playing God

Author: Dr. Anthony Youn, M.D.

Subject: Non-Fiction / Memoir

Reason for Recommending: I am recommending two books by a surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn. Dr. Youn recounts his upbringing as an Asian American in a rural town in Michigan. He shares compelling stories about applying to medical school, maintaining work/life balance throughout his 10+ years of education, and eventually starting a practice in an unexpected specialty. EMBA and OMBA students will relate to Dr. Youn’s witty recollections about the woes of graduate school and ever-changing career trajectories. These books are quick, light-hearted reads that will leave the reader feeling motivated to complete the journey they have started.


MIA GLEASON, Communications Manager

Book Title: The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters

Author: Priya Parker

Subject: Human interactions and connections

Reason for Recommending: Parker does an excellent job outlining the highs and lows associated with how we meet in social settings and why it’s important to make great efforts in building a better experience for those who attend those meetings, whether they are conferences, dinner parties, or work functions. As we transition from the social isolation brought on us by COVID-19, it is increasingly more vital that we challenge ourselves to understand the importance of creating impactful and meaningful connections through our meetings and engagements with one another.



Book Title: …I’m Tired: How to Survive and Succeed in Corporate America

Author: Michael Nassirian

Subject: Entrepreneurship and Company Culture